Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Flat Stanley Goes to Maracas Beach - Post #4

Trinidad is an island. Islands have beaches! I spent the day at Maracas Beach.

Maracas is known for its great beach AND for its great sandwich - the "Shark and Bake." This sandwich is made from shark. Real shark. Yum! Trinidadians love to put hot pepper sauce on their food. I had my sandwich with "light pepper" but it was still pretty spicy.

I built a sand castle.

I walked on the beach.

This guy was selling cotton candy at the beach. You'd think it would get sandy but not if you eat it fast enough.

The weather was great.

This nice man was selling souvenirs.

I like the beach a lot.

Trinidad and Tobago was great! Next time I hope Alex comes here with me.


3XMom said...

these posts make me want to BE flat stanley!

Nick said...

I am going to show these to Alex tonight!!!! He will be so excited!

Cropperino said...

You didn't play mas this year?